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Invitation to participate in a research around the ACoR

We recently started a research project on blind spots of managers in the process of organisation change.
The fact that dynamic developments within and in the vicinity of systems (organization, any other form of cooperating individuals or even society as a whole) demand increasingly more attention, has been known for a while. An important reason for this is the fact that it becomes more and more clear that organizations can no longer assume that current successes will be sustainable in the future. Being aware of that development, is not limited to organization theory alone. Within the University of Amsterdam we are researching how organizations deal with situations of disruptive change or even crisis. We also do research on cultural differences in this respect. This is why the research takes place in cooperation with partners in Hungary and Switzerland.

We would like to ask you to participate in this research by filling in this short questionnaire. It will not take longer than 10-15 minutes. In some cases the questions are rather abstract. In such a situation don’t think too long, follow your intuition and answer based on your gut feeling.

We really appreciate when you would be willing to fill in the questionnaire. When you are interested in the results of this research please fill in your email address in the appropriate field.

Kind regards,
Toon Abcouwer

The links are:
Questionnaire in English
Questionnaire in Hungarian

Mini case studies added to the site

During the sessions of the (V)ODC course students were asked to write a mini case study based on their insights in the adaptive cycle of resilience. It was their first assignment. Each individual paper gives a personal interpretation mainly based on open sources. They are really worth reading.

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