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Click on [[:Category:Individual case|Individual cases]]  
Click on [[:Category:Individual case|Individual cases]]  
==Recent session of the ''Virtual Organisations in a Dynamic Context'' course==
In October - November 2013 a session of the [[(Virtual) organizations in a dynamic context]] (VODC) course took place. The number of students participating was around 75.
We worked on studying the field of the adaptive cycle of resilience (ACoR) and the theories on Virtual Organizations (VO) and Virtual organizations breeding environments (VBE).
During this session of the course the students studied conceptual frameworks and scientific theories in relation to the ACoR, VO and VBE.
As part of their assignments we studied a.o. the following areas (and books):
* Understanding Judgment and Decision making
**Jaworski, Joseph - Source, the inner path of knowledge creation
**Kahneman, Daniel - Thinking fast and slow
* How traditional societies deal with essential human problems in a changing context
** Diamond Jared - The world until yesterday
* Dealing with Chaos
** Gleick, James - Chaos
** Pascale, Richard T. a.o. - Surfing on the edge of Chaos
* On success in a world full of uncertainty
** Taleb, Nassim Nicholas - Antifragile
* Creativity and design to initiate innovation
** Seelig Tina - inGenius
** Brown, Tim - Change by Design
*The adaptive cycle of change
** Gunderson, Lance H. & C.S. Holling - Panarchy
*On political order in Changing societies
** Fukuyama, Francis - The origins of political order
These fields were chosen to better understand the dynamic settings we are in. Students made a summary of the books, linked their findings to the organizational (virtual) structures and focused on the specific role information (and ICT) is playing.
The results of their work is published on this site.
==Course related announcements==
==Course related announcements==
* none so far
* none so far

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Mini case studies added to the site

During the last session of the (V)ODC course students were asked to write a mini case study based on their insights in the adaptive cycle of change. It was their first assignment. Each individual paper gives a personal interpretation mainly based on open sources. They are really worth reading.

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Course related announcements

  • none so far