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That's me in front of Apeldoorn's ROC, in 2010.

About me in general

My name is Bart Wojenka, and I'm a hard-working student of the University of Amsterdam! I study Information Science, Business Information Systems and I'm also a Management B.A Graduate, as I studied at the University of Łódź before coming here to the beautiful city of Amsterdam.

I'm also interested in Game Development! Check out my side-project over here!

My work experience consists of IT and Management Consulting as a Freelancer.

Short description of my professional life

Through knowledge and experience in Project Management, Information Technology and Human Resources I have helped my clients to leverage their business opportunities by resolving problems around their business processes, and provide them with methodical marketing and management advice directly to the decision-makers.

My hobbies!

My personal hobbies consist of:

  • Getting to know other cultures!
  • Hiking!
  • Creative Writing!
  • Game Development/Production!
  • Anime!

My contributions to the wiki

More information about me and contact information

More information about me can be found here!
Feel free to contact me at any time through e-mail!