Business transformation: Leadership, integration and innovation – A case study

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Authors: K. Cowan-Sahadath

Publication Year: 2012


Journal: International Journal of Project Management

Volume: 28

Issue: 4

Categories: Organizational Change, Gestalt Switch, Revolt


The Cornerstone Program represented a significant business transformation for Hydro One. Just as a cornerstone helps determine the position of an entire structure; the Cornerstone Program has helped shape the future strategic position of Hydro One. This strategy and vision includes supporting the business infrastructure through improvements to rapidly respond to business needs, enabling rapid access to information for strategic decisions, and streamlined business operations enabling the organization to deal with growing requirements. This case study introduces a conceptual framework that draws from theoretical change models but is also grounded in the reality of the change environment at this organization. Realizing major organizational change is a complex process influenced by the characteristics of an organization, the integrated project and change management framework, and the importance of key leadership roles throughout the change process. Results from this study suggest that effective change implementation was enabled by leadership, program management, and change ownership, integrated with project implementation.