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This is the page of the Case Study of Group 6. As the site of our case study, the organization, is confidential we may not present the entire case study report publicly on this wiki. Instead, a brief summary containing an overview of the report is provided.

Case Study Questionnaire

IMOC - Group 6

1. Is your company in crisis?

1.1 Did you try to predict it?

1.2 Could you predict it?

1.3 Do you think you could have done something else to predict it better (and what)?

2. Do you have a department that does market research?

2.1 What is their contribution in predicting a crisis?

2.2 Have they been helpful avoiding a crisis?

2.3 Do you think there is unused potential for using information/resources in predicting a crisis?

3. What have you done to overcome the crisis?

3.1 Were you prepared for it? What were the actions taken?

3.2 Was the market research particularly useful?

3.3 Did you prepare for a specific crisis? Or did you prepare for general crisis?

IKEA Amsterdam

We talk with store manager of IKEA Amsterdam “Martyn Brache” about the predicting the crisis and his strategy and ability to predict the crisis inside his IKEA. He didn’t have a clear strategy related to the crisis prediction that was not in the term of what we accepted but he has interesting methods to adapt IKEA in the current situation and taking benefit of this crisis by playing with that. An important thing which he punts out was the innovation as a factor and creating the innovative environment in the crisis time. “Prevention is better than cure” One of the risky factors of IKEA business is the logistic and supplying of all these stores around the world. I ask hem a question related to this issue: Martyn Brache: now we want to decentralize our supply system to different regent. For example, we worked in Japan, it took 9 week time to transfer BELLY bookcases from Germany to Japan, so basically I have to order around 450 bookcases every time, just to see me through the 9 week period. So basically that production now goes to Asia, and there for the delivery period is dropt, this is one way to prevent of the eventually crisis. Another factor which could create a crisis is the frequently growth of IKEA to a large multination which have there one problems, we asked Martyn about the growth of IKEA. Martyn Brache: is important to make shore that you don’t lose your market and have control over your business. That’s why IKEA wants to invest in small store all over the world. It’s important to ask yourself if you are keeping growing, how you could keep the same foundation when you started.


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