Change Management in Hard Times

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Alfred Baars

Author(s) - Fred Nickols

Title - Change Management in Hard Times

Source -

Year of Publication - 2010


The author comes up with a list of tips for change management in hard times. These tips are:

  1. Head Off those Unintended Consequences
  2. Avoid Carelessness and Over-Confidence
  3. Move Surely but Not Necessarily Swiftly
  4. Don’t Sacrifice the Long-Term
  5. Adapt Your Approach to Fit the Change at Hand
  6. Visualize Your Organization and the Changes in and to It
  7. Understand and Map All Three Domains of Performance
  8. Get Good Counsel
  9. Use a Mix of Change Management Strategies
  10. Share, Share, Share; Listen, Listen, Listen
  11. Do Some Homework and Get Connected
  12. Break Down Boundaries and Don’t Stand on Formalities
  13. Don’t Make Slashing Staff Your First Move
  14. Refocus and Reallocate Resources
  15. Manage the Emotional Reactions to Change
  16. Engage and Involve Your People
  17. Hone Your Political Skills and Your People Skills
  18. Pay Attention to ALL Your Stakeholders
  19. Encourage divergent views

Furthermore, he provides a number of graphics to go with these tips. He also describes a number of differences between change management in hard times and change management in good times (referred to in the course as 'business as usual').


Alfred Baars