Dynamics of organizational change and learning

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Author(s) - Jaap Boonstra

Title - Dynamics of Organization Change and Learning

Source - http://www.solonline.nl/documenten/boonstra,%2520dynamics%2520of%2520organizational%2520change%2520and%2520learning.pdf

Year of Publication - 2003


A very interesting and well-written article by professor Jaap Boonstra who is working at the University of Amsterdam and at Esade Business School in Barcelona, which is among the top business schools in the world.

The article is divided into three different sections. The first one, has to do with reflections in general, on the dynamics of organizational change and learning. In this section, there is a comparison on multiple perspectives on change and learning and the author explores the tensions that are created between the perspectives.

The second section of the article focuses on the following issues that are related to organizational change and learning:

-Failures and success

-Power and empowerment

-Resistance and commitment

-Persuasion and Communication

-Role of change managers and consultants

The third and final section of the article gives the summary of the change methods that were presented and shows the linking between them and the assumptions and values in the organizational change context.