Dynamics of organizational change and learning

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Author(s) - Jaap Boonstra

Title - Dynamics of Organization Change and Learning

Source - http://www.solonline.nl/documenten/boonstra,%2520dynamics%2520of%2520organizational%2520change%2520and%2520learning.pdf

Year of Publication - 2003


This article starts with reflections on the dynamics of organizational change and learning. It compares multiple perspectives on change and learning, and explores tensions between the perspectives. The second section focuses on specific issues in organizational change and learning, such as failures and success, power and empowerment, resistance and commitment, persuasion and communication, and different roles of change managers and consultants. The third section summarizes change methods presented in this handbook, and links them to assumptions and values in organizational change. This article concludes with opportunities and questions as to the dynamics of organizational change and learning.