Flexibility as the rationale for organizational change: a discourse perspective

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Authors: R. Dunford, S. Cuganesan, D. Grant, I. Palmer, R. Beaumont, C. Steele

Publication Year: 2013

Source: http://www.emeraldinsight.com/0953-4814.htm

Journal: Journal of Organizational Change Management

Volume: 26

Issue: 1

Categories: Organizational Change, Change, Change Management, Flexibility


Flexibility is considered as a base of organizational change, however , a broad application of the element of flexibility is often suffered by the general lack of definitional agreement and theoretical cohesion. In this paper at first an illustration of the broad referencing of flexibility as a desired organizational characteristics is presented. Secondly, the lack of theoretical coherence associated with ‘flexibility’ . Finally after discussion of deficiencies, the merits of flexibility as a rationale for organizational change is defined. Findings of this paper are identified as a set of questions to frame and address the perspective to use ‘flexibility’ as a rationale in the context of organizational change.