Growing Pains: A Barrier to Successful Corporate Entrepreneurship

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Authors: R. Kannan-Narasimhan, E.G. Flamholtz

Publication Year: 2006


Volume: 2

Issue: 1

Categories: Organizational Change, Gestalt Switch, Qualitative, Revolt


This paper deals with the role of a construct defined as “organizational growing pains” as a potential barrier to corporate entrepreneurship. It has a dual purpose: 1) to explain the nature of the construct of “growing pains” and suggest how they might function as a barrier to corporate entrepreneurship, and 2) to present the results of some preliminary empirical research designed to investigate the relationship between corporate entrepreneurship and growing pains. It was hypothesized that organizations’ growing pains will be an obstacle to its corporate entrepreneurship efforts. Data was collected from over 400 participants representing 17 divisions of an organization. Hypotheses were tested using linear regression analyses and correlation analyses. Results of the study supported hypothesized relationships, indicating that organizational growing pains are detrimental to corporate entrepreneurship. This has significant implications for researchers in corporate entrepreneurship and managers of organizations.