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Toon Abcouwer

by Chiyuan Li

Influence of “Revolt” and “Remember”

The Revolt and Remember connections are important at times of change. Revolt is the situation where fast and small events overwhelm slow and large ones. Revolt is a progressive force, which initiates changes and move from equilibrium to crisis. The revolt force is also the creative ability for the organization to establish new competencies, and reorganize movement from crisis to new combination. Remember is larger and slower forces within the organization. It is a conservative force to compel the consideration for deciding whether the changes could indeed achieve the desired goal based on the current situation of the organization. Initiatives are rejected, and this may hold the risk of relapsing into the existing order. Balancing the influence of revolt and remember is encouraged in the adaptive cycle of resilience. The force of revolt facilitates the organization to change to response to the crisis, at the same time, remember helps to keep stability of the change.

In the thesis, we aim to develop framework/criteria for carrying out a case study to recognize whether the organizational change is forced by the term of “Revolt” and “Remember” in the adaptive cycle. Which factors have effects on the influence? How these two forces work and influence the performance of the change in each quadrant of the model?

Research Question:

How to develop a theoretical approach for carrying out a case study within the context of the adaptive cycle of organizational changes?

  • Sub-question : How to recognize if the organizational change is forced by the term of “Revolt” and “Remember” in the adaptive cycle? How does each of the terms influence the change in organizations?

File Download : Thesis Thesis Chiyuan Li


Toon Abcouwer