ICT-enabled organisations: a model for change management

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Authors: S. Gardner, C.G. Ash

Publication Year: 2003

Source: http://dx.doi.org/10.1108/09576050310453705

Journal: Logistics Information Management

Volume: 16

Issue: 1

Categories: Technical Innovation, Qualitative, Qualitative, Technical Innovation, Organizational Change, Qualitative


Presents a preliminary framework for making sense of and managing change in organisations that have adopted information systems and e-commerce as a core element of their business strategy. Argues that the relatively low level of organisational benefits realised by typical strategic information technology interventions over the past decade is often a product of poor adoption and implementation practices on the part of senior managers and IT practitioners, who have failed to understand the non-linear and emergent nature of change in complex organisations. Argues that a clear understanding of the dynamics of change at the people/technology interface, and the symbiotic relationship between information systems and strategy, is a prerequisite for the successful business benefits realisation for major IT and e-business projects. Distils lessons learned from reflections on theories-in-use and practice into a basic model for senior managers and IT practitioners.