IT innovation adoption by enterprises: Knowledge discovery through text analytics

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Authors: R. C. Basole, C. D. Seuss, W. B. Rouse

Publication Year: 2013


Journal: Decision Support Systems

Volume: 54

Issue: 2

Categories: Innovation, Technical Innovation


Enterprise adoption of information technology (IT) innovations has been a topic of tremendous interest to both practitioners and researchers. The study of technological, managerial, strategic, and economic factors as well as adoption processes and contexts has led the field to become a rich tapestry of many theoretical and conceptual foundations. This paper provides a comprehensive multi-disciplinary classification and analysis of the scholarly development of the enterprise-level IT innovation adoption literature by examining articles over the past three decades (1977–2008). We identify 472 articles and classify them by functional discipline, publication, research methodology, and IT type. The paper applies text analytic methods to this document repository to (1) identify salient adoption determinants and their relationships, (2) discover research trends and patterns across disciplines, and (3) suggest potential areas for future research in IT innovation adoption at the enterprise level.