Innovation management measurement: A review

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Authors: R. Adams, J. Bessant, R. Phelps

Publication Year: 2006


Journal: International Journal of Management Reviews

Volume: 8

Issue: 1

Categories: Innovation


Measurement of the process of innovation is critical for both practitioners and academics,yet the literature is characterized by a diversity of approaches, prescriptions and practices thatcan be confusing and contradictory. Conceptualized as a process, innovation measurementlends itself to disaggregation into a series of separate studies. The consequence of this is theabsence of a holistic framework covering the range of activities required to turn ideas intouseful and marketable products. We attempt to address this gap by reviewing the literaturepertaining to the measurement of innovation management at the level of the firm. Drawingon a wide body of literature, we first develop a synthesized framework of the innovationmanagement process consisting of seven categories: inputs management, knowledgemanagement, innovation strategy, organizational culture and structure, portfolio management,project management and commercialization. Second, we populate each category of theframework with factors empirically demonstrated to be significant in the innovation process,and illustrative measures to map the territory of innovation management measurement. Thereview makes two important contributions. First, it takes the difficult step of incorporatinga vastly diverse literature into a single framework. Second, it provides a framework againstwhich managers can evaluate their own innovation activity, explore the extent to which theirorganization is nominally innovative or whether or not innovation is embedded throughouttheir organization, and identify areas for improvement.