Intermediate Steel-Industry Suppliers in the Pittsburgh Region: A Cluster-Based Analysis of Regional Economic Resilience

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Marijn Meijering

Authors: C. D. Treado, F. Giarratani

Publication Year: 2008


Journal: Economic Development Quarterly

Volume: 22

Issue: 63

Categories: Resilience


The experience of intermediate steel-industry suppliers in the Pittsburgh region offers valuable insight into how traditional industrial clusters can serve as a source of economic resilience in regions like Pittsburgh, where a “signature” industry contracts or relocates. The authors find that intermediate steel-industry suppliers in Pittsburgh remain an important part of the region's economic base, serving as a significant source of export income from national and international markets. Survey results offer a description of the cluster's characteristics. An important subset of firms in this cluster relies on key contacts in the region such as suppliers, partners, and business networks for collaboration on product development or marketing. By recognizing and supporting local linkages of these kinds, policy initiatives can help to strengthen such clusters and contribute to a region's economic resilience.


Marijn Meijering