Issue Management and Crisis Management; An integrated, Non linear, Relational Construct

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Authors: T. Jaques

Publication Year: 2007


Journal: Public Relations Review

Volume: 33

Issue: 2

Categories: Revolt, Gestalt Switch, Revolt, Organizational Change, Gestalt Switch, Revolt


Despite extensive attempts to define and differentiate issue management and crisis management, the definitional approach – and linear life-cycle models which focus on the elements – fail to capture the full dynamics of the disciplines. Instead of a focus on definitions, this paper proposes a non-linear, relational construct which considers issue and crisis management in the context of interdependent activities and clusters of activity which must be managed at different stages. This includes the role of issue management in both the pre-crisis and post-crisis phases. The model addresses some of the limitations of linear approaches and helps analyze the outcomes and overlaps between activity clusters in order to optimize strategic relationships and enhance bottom-line effectiveness.