Knowledge management in the age of cloud computing and Web 2.0: Experiencing the power of disruptive innovations

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Ferdi, Koen, Luxi Jiang, Olivier, Sybe

Authors: N. Sultan

Publication Year: 2013


Journal: International Journal of Information Management

Volume: 33

Issue: 1

Categories: Information Management, Innovation


Organizations, of all types, live in an increasingly dynamic world. Much of this dynamism is generated by developments or innovations in technology, especially information and communication technology (ICT). Some organizations take advantage of this dynamism and create new products and business models and thrive. Others ignore it or take a long time trying to adapt to it and struggle, often with negative consequences. Some of these innovations, to use the terminology of Christensen, are of a “disruptive” nature such as the telephone, the Web and recently cloud computing. This paper explores the innovation phenomenon of cloud computing and Web 2.0 and specifically examines their impact on organizational knowledge and knowledge management systems (KMS). A proper definition of cloud computing is provided together with the advantages that it will bring and issues that needs to be avoided. The measures taken to address the most problematic issues in security, vendor-lock and outages are mentioned. Furthermore, the disruptive powers of Web 2.0 and cloud computing are discussed and KMS in the new cloud and Web 2.0 environment is introduced by examples from Microsoft and However, having considered various aspects related to the disruptive innovation, the people dimension should not be overlooked as a KMS is not likely to succeed without the enthusiasm, input and participation of people.


Ferdi, Koen, Luxi Jiang, Olivier, Sybe