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Bas, Koen, Toon, Toon Abcouwer

The adaptive cycle of resilience

This wiki is part of a research project at the University of Amsterdam and deals with issues around the Adaptive Cycle of Resilience. This cycle describes a method how organizations will go through a process of changes based on the idea that in modern times crisis is the normal state in stead of 'business as usual'. In this wiki we will explore these ideas and try to elaborate the concepts.

During the period from February until June 2012 a group of students will work on this wiki with all kind of information that might be of help in understanding this cycle.

The students participate in the development of this Wiki during the course Information Management & organizational change.

The information on the wiki is available under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike.

The basic text for this course van be found here: Sustainable assertiveness - the adaptive cycle of resilience

There is also a Dutch version of the text. So if you prefer that one you can find it here : Dutch version

Everyone who would like to contribute to this wiki is kindly asked to contact Toon Abcouwer to be enrolled as a contributor.

We hope this site will be interesting and inspiring.

Please allow us to fill the wiki first. Go to the Help to get help on using the wiki.


Add the Announcements page to your watch-list, as we will use this place to make any important announcements.


Bas, Koen, Toon, Toon Abcouwer