Management, Information and Power

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Authors: L.D. Introna

Publication Year: 1997


Title: Management, information and power: A narrative of the involved manager

Publisher: Lancaster Eprints

Edition: 1

ISBN: ISBN 0-333-69870-3

Categories: Information Management, Organizational Behavior


This book is the foundation for a completely new way of thinking about management. Whereas the technofunctinalist view is prevalent in most organizations and industries, Introna offers a new perspective on how managers work together, use information and information systems. Introna uses the Law of Requisite Variety to support his claim that an involved manager, to be able to cope with his world, his environment, has to have the requisite variety, which is more variety than his environment. It is quite a philosophically oriented book, drawing on great names such as the German philosopher Heidegger to support his claim that the manager is involved in the world he lives in, making ad-hoc on-the-fly decisions. This is very different than the manager being a rational decider basing his decisions on as much information as he can possibly get from all information systems present in the organization. Though the book merely proposes a new way of thinking rather than any concrete ways of how to go about doing this in practice, it stands in high regard in several fields, such as Information Systems, Information Science, Medical Informatics and Operations Research.