Managing Successful Organizational Change in the Public Sector

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Authors: S. Fernandez, H.G. Rainey

Publication Year: 2006


Journal: Public Administration Review

Volume: 66

Issue: 2

Categories: Qualitative, Qualitative, Organizational Change, Qualitative


Can governmental organizations change? Reform initiatives have swept through governments in the United States and overseas, again and again bringing news about eff orts to reinvent, transform, or reform government agencies ( Barzelay 2001; Kettl 2000; Pollitt and Bouckaert 2000; Stillman 1999 ). Curiously, however, this recurrent theme of change in government agencies has not induced a high volume of articles that explicitly address the topic in public administration journals. Th ere are prominent exceptions to this observation (e.g., Bryson and Anderson 2000; Chackerian and Mavima 2000; Mani 1995; Wise 2002 ) and journal articles about topics related to organizational change (e.g., Berman and Wang 2000; Brudney and Wright 2002; Hood and Peters 2004 ). Articles reporting research and theory with titles containing “ organizational change ” and with that theme as a focal topic, however, appear with much less regularity in public administration journals than in research journals focusing on general management and organization theory.