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Reinier van der Plank

The DTCA and the Adaptive Cycle

Organization: DTCA

Author: Tim van Bremen

Course: (V)ODC 2013/2014

Keywords: mini case study


In this paper I will try to apply the theory of the Adaptive Cycle to the Dutch Tax and Customs Association (DTCA). This is one of the most recent examples of companies that went through major changes that I know of, since we handled this case in the Business-IT Alignment course.

In the BITA course, we mainly studied the implemented solution of horizontal monitoring, an implementation that meant a lot of internal changes. We did not focus much on the process before the implementation, the reasons for the need of change or alternative solutions. In the next sections I will try to fill this gap using the Adaptive Cycle theory. The theory will be explained briefly, explaining only the four quadrants, without elaborating on the underlying theories or the change processes between the quadrants.


Reinier van der Plank