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Reinier van der Plank

Case study Adaptive Cycle: IBM

Organization: IBM

Author: Jan-Martin Sijs

Course: (V)ODC 2013/2014

Keywords: mini case study


This paper will discuss the Adaptive Cycle and apply some of the key characteristics of the model to a company. IBM will be taken as an example of a company that has gone through several cycles of change. The main question that I will try to answer in this paper is: How has IBM survived through cycles of change during its lifetime? By looking at several cycles of change that IBM has gone through, I will try to find recommendations for other organizations that are uncertain on how they should cope with change.

Firstly, the most important aspects of the Adaptive Cycle are briefly explained. Then, IBM is introduced with a short history of the company throughout the years. This will help in understanding the context of the changes that have occurred within IBM. Next, some important changes in the firm are discussed and examined using the theoretical approach of the Adaptive Cycle. I will conclude by giving some arguments why IBM has survived for such a long time and how other organizations can learn from IBM.


Reinier van der Plank