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Reinier van der Plank

Case study: KPN’s challenge

Organization: KPN

Author: Ivar Vinkenborg

Course: (V)ODC 2013/2014

Keywords: mini case study


The Royal Dutch telecom operator KPN, has suffered harsh times in their market position in the Netherlands. During the same period low-cost competitors start offering comparable products and services causing KPN to loose market share. End-users needs were sfitfting, and the economic decline has had an enormous impact of KPN’s cash flow and their adaptability to offer desired products and services. Besides these facts KPN has just refused a takeover bid from America Movil.

This forced KPN to rethink what they were doing, and how they did that. KPN is still transforming their inner organization (structure). In this paper I will map their transition to the Adaptive Cycle model. The different stages in that model address the progress of adaptation within an organization. The focus of this paper is on the mobile consumer products and services of KPN Mobile. The paper will answer the question: Is the Adaptive Cycle model applicable on the changes KPN Mobile has gone through?


Reinier van der Plank