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Reinier van der Plank

Mini Case Study Tjuna C.V.

Organization: Tjuna

Author: Lex van de Vliet

Course: (V)ODC 2013/2014

Keywords: mini case study


Tjuna is a Haarlem based digital agency specialised in creating (mobile) websites and applications. It has been founded Lex van de Vliet (Me) and Vincent Croes in april 2009 and officially started business in november 2011. In the beginning the focus of the company was solely on Mobile Application for the iOS platform. Since then Tjuna has grown in to a fair sized digital agency developing both website and application with a high focus on cross platform use (responsiveness).

Currently Tjuna has a nice portfolio of clients it works. Tjuna is often approached for its quality and the use of innovative technology Since 2013 Tjuna therefore decided to position itself has the technical supplier of the nr 1. creative companies (e.g. digital agencies, marketing agencies and online publishers).


Reinier van der Plank