Mini case study TomTom

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Reinier van der Plank


Organization: TomTom

Author: Ana Rodrigues

Course: (V)ODC 2013/2014

Keywords: mini case study


With the emergence of smartphones and tables several organizations struggle to discovery strategies to keep their positions in the market, to gain higher market share or just to stay alive in the market. With these need they must analyse the situation properly and identify their own place within the adaptive cycle, in order to understand which the right next ‘move’ is.

One of those companies is TomTom. Over the last few years Tomom has suffered severe market pressure and competitiveness. And it is precisely on this organization that this case study will focus. The aim is to analyse the company from the scope of virtual organizations and the adaptive cycle. In this case study, I will be researching the process in which TomTom tries to get back to the equilibrium phase and propose new combinations that can lead them to the equilibrium phase again.


Reinier van der Plank