Networks Within Networks: Service Link Overlap, Organizational Cliques, and Network Effectiveness

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Marijn Meijering

Authors: K. G. Provan, J. G. Sebastian

Publication Year: 2017


Journal: Academy of Management Journal

Volume: 41

Issue: 4

Categories: Adaptive Organization, New forms of Organization


This study explored the use of clique analysis for explaining network effectiveness. In data from networks of mental health agencies in three cities, effectiveness, measured as client outcomes, was negatively related to the integration of full networks. In contrast, effectiveness was positively related to integration among small cliques of agencies when these cliques had overlapping links through both reciprocated referrals and case coordination. The findings have implications for both theory and research, demonstrating the value of studying network clique structure and developing clique-based explanations of network behavior and outcomes.


Marijn Meijering