Organizational Crisis Management and Public Policy Problem

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Anas Al Azmeh, Ferdi, Koen, Olivier, Sybe

Authors: Y. Liu, Y.Guo

Publication Year: 2012


Journal: Second International Conference on Business Computing and Global Informatization (BCGIN)

Issue: 380-383

Categories: Organizational Change, Crisis


Crisis is a hot issue in the world. Being able to effectively respond in the crisis event is relevant to an organization’s survival. Whether or not an organization is prepared for a potential crisis depends upon a lot of factors. Established crisis management teams and corrected public policy are able to communicate and effectively respond in the event of a crisis. The purpose of this paper is to effective crisis management depends upon several team-related factors that may influence an organization’s response and prevent crisis prone. Firstly, the term crisis is defined. Secondly, it followed by an overview of the differences between crisis communication and crisis management. Finally correctly public policy making and crisis management are important to prevent crisis spilling over.


Anas Al Azmeh, Ferdi, Koen, Olivier, Sybe