Person–Organization Fit, Job Choice Decisions, and Organizational Entry

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Marijn Meijering

Authors: D. M. Cable, T. A. Judge

Publication Year: 1996


Volume: 67

Issue: 3

Categories: Resilience


To investigate job seekers’ and new employees’ subjective person–organization (P-O) fit perceptions, we studied 96 active job seekers across three time periods, from their initial job search activity to their intended turnover from the jobs they accepted. Hypotheses were motivated by P-O fit, job choice, and organizational entry research and centered around two questions: What are the determinants of job seekers’ and new employees’ P-O fit perceptions, and how important are P-O fit perceptions in job choice decisions and work attitudes relative to job attributes? Results indicated that job seekers’ P-O fit perceptions are predicted by the congruence between their values and their perceptions of recruiting organizations’ values but not by their demographic similarity with organizational representatives. Results also suggested that P-O fit perceptions predict both job choice intentions and work attitudes, even after controlling for the attractiveness of job attributes. Finally, results suggested that job seekers can manage their future work attitudes by weighing P-O fit in their job choice decisions.


Marijn Meijering