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My name is Peter Bouwdewijn and i am twenty three years old. Currently i am living in Amsterdam - North. I was born and raised in Baambrugge, a village 20 kilometers to the south of Amsterdam. During this course I resided in France. The village 'La Rochelle' to be precise. I experienced working at a distance hands on. Working a wiki is a good way to work remotely on this project. Unfortunately I didn't get to meet my team members face 2 face as often as i would have liked to.


Currently i am doing my master studies at the University of Amsterdam (UvA). The direction i am studying is Business Information Systems. Previously to my master studies i studied at the "Hogeschool van Amsterdam". Here i completed a bachelor program of "Information Engineering". Originally i am technical minded. With this master i want to achieve a better understanding of the process side of information systems.


Next to my studies i work part time as a Technical Engineering at a software development company in Amsterdam Zuid-Oost. I am interested in Informatics, Economics and Politics. Other hobbies i have consist of sports and traveling.

Social Media

Additional information can be found on my social network profiles.