Resilient organizations: Offense versus Defense

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Authors: E. A. M. Limnios, T. Mazzarol

Publication Year: 2011


Categories: Crisis, Resilience


This paper extends prior research in organisational resilience, differentiating between resilience due to adaptive capacity versus the ability to resist change and persist. A typology of organisational resilience emerges which 1) captures the duality of the construct, 2) recognises that resilience can be an undesirable element in the case of an underperforming system and 3) introduces a network perspective to organisational resilience, going beyond the individual or organisational level of analysis to the larger network of stakeholders in which organisations are embedded. The Resilience Architecture Framework provides a platform for the integration of theoretical aspects from divergent research streams such as organisational rigidity, dynamic capabilities and organisational ambidexterity, into the study of organisational resilience.