Rethinking organizational learning orientation on radical and incremental innovation in high-tech firms

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Authors: M. L. Sheng, I. Chien

Publication Year: 2015


Journal: Journal of Business Research

Volume: 69

Issue: 6

Categories: Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Radical innovation


Does organizational learning orientation impede radical innovation? The results show that a high level learning orientation promotes myopic learning and incremental innovation, but constrains experimentation and radical innovation in emerging domains. The study tests hypotheses using two separate data analyses, comparing traditional PLS-SEM with fsQCA. The empirical results show that fsQCA captures better predictive outcomes than PLS-SEM. Entrepreneurs and high-tech firms should interpret the findings with some cautions because of their prosperity based on competency and learning orientation in specific fields. For the high-tech industry and entrepreneurial ventures, superior capability in a particular area leads to exploitative learning and cultivate incremental innovation.