Risk, resilience, and environmentally sustainable cities

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Marijn Meijering

Authors: J. Coaffee

Publication Year: 2008

Source: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.enpol.2008.09.048

Journal: Energy Policy

Volume: 36

Issue: 12

Categories: Resilience


In recent years, ideas of security and resilience have become increasingly embedded in urban planning and design practice, and in national security and energy policy, as attempts have been made to make the built environment and critical energy infrastructure more resistant to disruptive challenges. This has taken place with particular regard to the threat of climate change and to the security challenges faced by many cities as a result of the threat of terrorism. In this context, this paper explores the possible synergies between security and environmental issues, and policies connected to the planning, design, and engineering of the built environment. As the paper illustrates, there may be opportunities for further integration between these areas of concern.


Marijn Meijering