Social Network Analysis and Strategic Planning: A Case Study from the Italian Local Context

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Marijn Meijering

Authors: C. Balenzano, A. F. Scardigno, M. L. Giancaspro, A. Manuti, V. Jacobone

Publication Year: 2013


Journal: American Journal of Applied Psychology

Volume: 1

Issue: 2

Categories: Adaptive Organization, Organization and the Environment Relationship


This paper analysed the relationships between the institutional and the socio-economical stakeholders involved in the process of Strategic Planning for the Broad Area - Lecce (Piano Strategico dell’Area Vasta - Lecce), aiming at defining the most adequate organizational strategies to enhance networking efficacy. Quantitative and qualitative methods have been used to collect and to analyze data. Specifically, social networks analysis and focus group discussions helped to triangulate the analysis. Results showed that intersectional integration and confrontation between the partners involved in the planning were both aspects that the participants defined crucial as to improve the strategic planning process, and to ensure a good participation level and the development of more functional communication and decision-making strategies.


Marijn Meijering