Social and organizational capital: Building the context for innovation

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Authors: A. Carmona-Lavado, G. Cuevas-Rodriguez, C. Cabello-Medina

Publication Year: 2010


Journal: Industrial Marketing Management

Volume: 39

Issue: 4

Categories: Innovation


In the light of the key role intellectual capital has for firms' innovation capability, this paper analyzes the influence of two of their dimensions, organizational capital and social capital, on firms' product innovation, and the moderating role of radicalness. Unlike previous studies, the unit of analysis will not be the firm, but the R&D department. Thus, our research, conducted with a sample of Spanish industrial companies, provides a new insight with interesting results. First, our findings show that social capital favours firms' product innovation, especially under radical innovations. Second, organizational capital has an indirect effect on product innovation through positive influence on social capital. This implies that firms can stimulate communication and interaction among people, and therefore innovative activity, by means of explicit and codified knowledge (organizational capital).