Temporal effects and life cycle of organizational change research

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Authors: G.M. Schwarz

Publication Year: 2011

Source: http://proceedings.aom.org/content/2011/1/1.244.short

Journal: Academy of Management Journal

Categories: Organizational Change


Traditionally, we have come to expect that the rate of knowledge growth in any area of research slowly declines unless and until new or disruptive ideas are introduced. By empirically exploring what progress in a field looks like, this paper steps back and evaluates this cycle of knowledge development in organizational change research, asking, is there an empirical basis for knowing where organizational change research is in its life cycle? In truth, it is difficult to accurately discern when an area of research is stagnating or degenerating and when it is progressing or growing. Given variations in how knowledge is disseminated, the current research digs deeper into the state of the knowledge cycle in academic change research, and the consequences of this patterning.