The Need for a Communicative Approach to Improve Environmental Policy Integration in Urban Land Use Planning

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Marijn Meijering

Authors: V. Simeonova, A. van der Valk

Publication Year: 2009


Journal: Journal of Planning Literature

Volume: 23

Issue: 3

Categories: Resilience


The debate on sustainable development emphasizes the importance of integrating environmental policy into all policy sectors. It is increasingly recognized that this integration is needed at both the national and the local levels of governance. The Environmental Policy Integration (EPI) principle agreed upon in a number of international and EU commitments is receiving the attention of more urban planning scholars. The EPI phenomenon is underresearched, and in many countries, its implementation, particularly subnationally as in urban planning, is hindered by organizational and administrative weaknesses. This article seeks to show how a communicative approach can be used to improve EPI in the urban planning context, based on a literature review of organization theory and communicative planning. The review sheds light on the relevance of the communicative approach to EPI by comparing it with existing EPI approaches. The authors conclude that a communicative approach to EPI is potentially illuminating in changing organizational structures and how individual actors interact in urban planning processes.


Marijn Meijering