The adaptive co-management process: An initial synthesis of representative models and influential variables

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Ferdi, Iris, Koen, Tobias Lensker

Authors: R. Plummer

Publication Year: 2009


Journal: Ecology and Society

Volume: 14

Issue: 2

Categories: Organizational Change, Adaptive Cycle, Gestalt Switch, Qualitative, Revolt


Collaborative and adaptive approaches to environmental management have captured the attention of administrators, resource users, and scholars. Adaptive co-management builds upon these approaches to create a novel governance strategy. This paper investigates the dynamics of the adaptive co-management process and the variables that influence it. The investigation begins by summarizing analytical and causal models relevant to the adaptive co-management process. Variables that influence this process are then synthesized from diverse literatures, categorized as being exogenous or endogenous, and developed into respective analytical frameworks. In identifying commonalities among models of the adaptive co-management process and discerning influential variables, this paper provides initial insights into understanding the dynamic social process of adaptive co-management. From these insights conjectures for future inquires are offered in the conclusion.


Ferdi, Iris, Koen, Tobias Lensker