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Janine Jaquet




My name is Janine Jaquet and in 2010 I started the pre Master Information Studies at the UVA in Amsterdam. Currently I started to work on my Master thesis for the Master Business Information Systems. For my Master thesis I want to research if the organization were I currently work for is able to centralise all her ICT projects under her daughter organizations or just to let them decentralized, like they are know.

In my free time I like to play sport: spinning, body pump, snowboarding, skiing, kitesurfing and motorcycling.


Business Information Systems
Business Engineering
Business Management


Projectmanager at Municipality Amsterdam

As a projectmanager I do a lot of different ICT project such as digitizing the building records; give acces to building archives from 1900 till now, digitally. But my main interest goes to Organization Change, how we can implement these new systems into the organization. How can we reach the users to change their way of working? How can we convince the users to adapt the system? How we convince the decision-makers and managers to chose a in reality working system? How can we convince the developers to create a system that works for all three parties? I want to be the linking pin between the organization and his decision-makers, the ICT system and the users of the system!