Managing Innovation – Integrating Technology, Market and Organizational Change

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Authors: J.S.A. Bhat

Publication Year: 2002


Title: Managing Innovation – Integrating Technology, Market and Organizational Change

Publisher: Departamento de Pesquisa Cientifica e Industrial do Governo. Índia

Edition: 1


Categories: Organizational Change, Adaptive Management


In the recent years, there have been fundamental changes in the global economy. The article propose a scenario for the rapid generation and commercialization of new technologies, enhanced frequency of innovations, the shortening of techno-economic life cycle, globalization of transnational’s, intensive R&D programs, etc., in which the primary influence has the one of innovation. Slowly innovation became the one part of industry that made the separated domains of Science and Technology to merge again. The article also proposes a categorization of innovation as follows: product innovation, technology innovation, human innovation, organizational innovation, market innovation, business innovation, global innovation, information systems innovation. In terms of the adaptive Cycle, the innovation ability takes central stage in the fluctuation between can and want, and the certainty and uncertainty.