Stefania Dangila

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Bas, Stefania Dangila

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Personal Information

Country: Greece


Education: Degree of “Applied Informatics”, University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Greece

Professional Experience: Castristudios, apartments located at Nikiti Halkidiki, Greece, department of hotel management, room booking and customer service Bluebyte Software, a company that creates high technology computer software systems, department of technical assistance and telephone customer support

Personal Interests

  • Member of the “Poligiros choir” for 7 years: participate in several concerts in Greece, such as singing at the “Herodion Theatre” in Athens at the Millennium, and abroad.
  • Piano lessons for 8 years
  • Participate in several bands as a keyboard player for 4 years
  • Tennis lessons for 4 years
  • Music, Cinema, Theatre, Traveling
  • Basketball, Football, pink pong


Bas, Stefania Dangila