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Information about me

This is the personal page of Gweta Markosian. Currently I live in Bovenkarspel a place in Noord-Holland. I am a M.Sc. Business Information Systems student at the University of Amsterdam. On this page I have provided all the links to the assignments of the course Virtual Organizations in a Dynamic Context. I have provided a link to my LinkedIn page and I have provided an e-mail adress.

Links to my email adress and LinkedIn page

Email: Gweta Markosian

Linkedin: LinkedIn

Assignment one - These are the links to my reviews of the articles that I have read

Characteristics of virtual organizations

Temporarily Divide to Conquer: Centralized, Decentralized, and Reintegrated Organizational Approaches to Exploration and Adaptation

Assignment two - These are the links to the two reviewed articles and the discussions of those articles

Talk:Organizational Change and Development (1)

Talk:Organisational Change Management: A Critical review

Assignment three - Link to the student lecture of group 2

The importance of change management (group 2)

Assignment four - Link to the case study

Case Study Team B