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This is general info on the contributor: JΩ -> "Fallor ergo sum"

I’ve recently taken an online survey featuring a list of statements to which one was supposed to provide answers on a scale ranging from “Totally Me, Strongly Me, Usually Me, Sometimes Me, Rarely Me, Unlike Me, and Never Me”.
I find it to be the best way to partially introduce myself in a few lines:

  1. Born, lived, studied & worked in one country –> Unlike Me
  2. Following the rules –> Used to be Me
  3. Avoid taking initiatives –> Used to be Me
  4. Paying respects to the already set status quo –> Used to be Me
  5. Following the group –> Unlike Me
  6. Seeking security & stability –> Unlike Me
  7. Pausing to observe, listen & wonder –> Usually Me
  8. Forcing myself to face my limits & fears –> Usually Me
  9. Going against the current and the conformism –> Strongly Me
  10. Taking great risks –> Totally Me
  11. Changing my life at the least expected moments & provoking reactions –> Totally Me
  12. Choosing the paths less travelled by –> Totally Me
  13. ???

Perceiving myself as an evolving being, more definitions are yet to come.
Regarding the subject of Adaptive Cycle, you can see my main contributions to the notion of Curiosity in Group 2 common page.
If you should feel that you have something to add or dispute, feel free to contact me.

Contact details: Jolanta Woś