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This is the people page of Toon Abcouwer

Toon Abcouwer is currently working as lecturer for the Information Science program at the Science faculty of the University of Amsterdam.
He participated in the development of the Amsterdam Information Management Model (Nine Square model, Enneahedron or Amsterdam Information Management (AIM) model). He was also co-author of the book Information Management and Policy [1] in which the AIM model is used as a central guide.
He is co-designer of the roles model around the AIM-model, an approach to Information Management that currently is widely used in the Netherlands.
His current research interest holds with the adaptive cycle of resilience, the topic covered on this Wiki
He wrote a number of articles on the Adaptive Cycle of Resilience (ACoR). Below you find links to the articles.

Toon Abcouwer

  1. Abcouwer, A. W., Truijens, J., & Gels, H. (2006). Informatiemanagement en Informatiebeleid. Den Haag: SDU.